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General information

Start Times
Start times may vary, please see the course description for actual start time. Participants should arrive at the venue 15 minutes before the course start time to be ready to start at the stated time.
Late arrival / early departure 
We understand that unavoidable circumstances may mean that a participant is late for a course or needs to leave early. If you know in advance that this may be an issue for you please contact the KRSCP Team to discuss prior to the day of the course. The KRSCP and the trainers have the right to refuse a place to a participant if they will miss a significant section of the session. If a participant is held up on the way to a course they should contact the training venue who will inform the trainer.
Signing In
Participants are required to sign the register provided at the start of a course. Failure to do so may result in a participant not being given a certificate and being charged a non-attendance fee. If a participants name does not appear on the register the trainer has the right to request that the person does not stay for the course, or that the participant shows proof of their place (confirmation email). 
All participants on KRSCP courses will receive a Certificate of Attendance, however the trainer reserves the right not to give certificates to people who do not attend for a full day, or are deemed not to have fully participated in the session. 
Training course evaluations are completed online after the training. The course participant will receive an email after attending the training which will include a link which will enable them to access the electronic evaluation form. Around half an hour after this is completed they will be able to download their certificate from inside their account.
To minimise avoidable non attendance the KRSCP has a charging policy. If a participant fails to attend for circumstances which were avoidable, their Line Manager will be contacted and the actual cost of attending the training session will be levied. All charges recuperated will be directed back into the training budget. 
Refreshments / Lunch
In order to allow the KRSCP to provide funded places on courses we do not provide lunch for participants. Participants are welcome to bring their own lunch. 
Additional Learning Requirements
Should you have any additional requirements which would make your learning and participation on a course better please inform us of this on your application. We will make every effort to meet these needs, and if this is not possible we will contact you to discuss. 
Course materials
All participants will be sent course materials by email with their confirmation (if applicable to their course). It is the responsibility of participants to print course material and bring this with them to the course – trainers will not bring spare copies. Please ensure you take time to complete any pre-reading prior to the event to that ensure you are able to fully participate. 
Download Training Brochure.


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