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Domestic Violence & Abuse Webinar

Course Title:
Domestic Violence & Abuse Webinar
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UK domestic abuse helplines report surge in calls during lockdown-experts in the field have warned that abusers and their partners having to self-isolate together at home may lead to an increase in abusive behaviour and violence due to the pressure cooker effect of being trapped indoors.

This remote training session will help you to recognise and respond effectively where domestic abuse is present, help you identify and understand what factors increase risk and help you identify ways to reduce these risks and provide support.

This online training will be delivered remotely in a modular format using pre reading and scenario based exercises, pre-recorded audio presentation by the trainer and online interactive sessions with the trainer and other delegates.

Please note that if you are booking from Education Services or from outside the Boroughs of Richmond and Kingston there will be a booking fee of £30 

  Scheduled Dates For Course:
No course Date is available
Course Duration:
Half Day
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  Aimed At:



This session will provide an overview of local and national statistics, emerging themes and trends regarding domestic violence and abuse and consider the referral and assessment process when safeguarding concerns are identified

  Learning Outcomes:
This course will enable participants to:
To develop an awareness of the different aspects DVA can take
To be aware of the impact of DVA on victims and their children
To consider how to respond appropriately and to signpost to the relevant services


  Minimum Requirements:


  Reading Material:
No Course Material Available