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Working with Young People and Sexual Violence

Course Title:
Working with Young People and Sexual Violence
Course Code:
Young People and Sexual Violence

This two day training on Working with Young People and Sexual Violence will examine the myths and realities of sexual violence within a framework of violence against women and girls.


Participants will identify key prevention strategies, including practical demonstrations of how to engage with young people in preventing sexual violence. Participants will also learn a model of best practice on how to respond to disclosures of sexual violence sensitively and appropriately, whilst taking into consideration the impacts of sexual violence. 

This course is £240 for anyone working in education, otherwise it is free for all other multi agency practitioners from Kingston & Richmond. Please note that there is also a non-attendance charge of £120 per day after a place has been booked.

  Scheduled Dates For Course:
No course Date is available
Course Duration:
2 Days
  Delivered By:
  Aimed At:



Participants will develop a deep understanding of the grooming and silencing tactics used by perpetrators, along with how this relates to the law surrounding rape, childhood sexual abuse and consent. The training will also examine young people’s lived experiences of wider forms of sexual violence and harassment, both online and offline, exploring the gendered way in which boys and girls experience different forms of abuse and how this is occurring in a highly sexualised popular culture and media.

  Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this course participants will have explored:

  • Provide and understanding of the legal definitions of rape, sexual assault, consent in law and ethical practice
  • An overview of childhood sexual abuse and exploitation
  • An awareness of grooming and silencing techniques used by perpetrators
  • An understanding the impact of sexual violence on the body and the self
  • An awareness of the different responses to sexual violence for young survivors 
  Minimum Requirements:


  Reading Material:
No Course Material Available