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Peer Supervision Workshop Part 2 The Emotional Content of Peer Supervision (Nurseries)

Course Title:
Peer Supervision Workshop Part 2 The Emotional Content of Peer Supervision (Nurseries)
Course Code:
Peer Supervision Workshop Part 2 (Nurseries)

This training is part 2 of the Peer Supervision Programme and will be delivered online from September-December 2021. The training provides schools and nurseries with the skills and knowledge to set up internal Peer Supervision for DSLs or the Safeguarding Team. You should not attend this workshop unless you have attended Workshop 1.

By signing up to this course you are committing to come (if you sign up and do not come we may charge you) completing course feedback, responding to future auditing requests so we can measure impact of this for the Dept of Education and running supervision in your school or nursery.

  Scheduled Dates For Course:
No course Date is available
Course Duration:
2 Hours
  Delivered By:
  Aimed At:

 This is Part 2 and specifically for the person in your setting who did Part 1 in the Summer Term.

  • To understand about the projection and transference of anxiety in schools and how this can affect the DSL/Safeguarding Team.
  • To understand and help the DSLs/Safeguarding Team manage stress and difficult feelings.
  • To help DSLs/Safeguarding team manage their tank of resilience to increase emotional health.
  • Spotting the signs and symptoms of stress, burnout, vicarious trauma and other mental health issues plus how to get support for DSLs/Safeguarding Team.
  • Recognising and managing professional boundaries in the role of the DSL/Safeguarding Team.
  • Thinking about your own confidence as a supervisor and managing the confidence of your DSL/Safeguarding Team.
  Minimum Requirements:


  Reading Material:
No Course Material Available