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Perplexing Presentations / Fabricated or Induced Illness Webinar

Course Title:
Perplexing Presentations / Fabricated or Induced Illness Webinar
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FII is a rare form of child abuse has a severe impact on the child and can be fatal. Findings from reviews of serious cases show practitioners at all levels of experience find FII highly challenging. FII occurs when a parent or carer, usually the child’s biological mother, exaggerates or deliberately causes symptoms of illness in the child.  This can be very difficult to prove and manage, and often children’s presentations are perplexing to professionals. This webinar will focus on the child’s needs and risk with an emphasis on working collaboratively between all agencies to ensure better outcomes for children and families.

  Scheduled Dates For Course:
No course Date is available
Course Duration:
Half Day
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  Learning Outcomes:

The session will consider:

·         What are Perplexing Presentations and what is FII?

·         New guidance from Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

·         Learning from case studies to improve multiagency response

·         What to do and how to manage Perplexing Presentations / FII

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  Reading Material:
No Course Material Available