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Supporting children whose parents have mental illness

Course Title:
Supporting children whose parents have mental illness
Course Code:
Supporting Mental Illness

 For children who grow up in the care of a mentally ill parent, life is often filled with anxiety, uncertainty, and vigilance.  It is not unusual for their needs to be neglected — and they may even have to “compete” with their parent’s symptoms to receive care themselves.  It also poses risk factors for problems that can emerge later in life, including emotional and psychological disturbances, learning challenges, and poorer overall functioning.  In addition, there are a host of social challenges that these children may encounter, such as social rejection, troubled relationships, marital problems, and family breakdown.

  Scheduled Dates For Course:
No course Date is available
Course Duration:
Half Day
  Delivered By:
  Aimed At:



This training bite size session is for multi-agency practitioners who are interested in gaining an overview and understanding of the impact on children who are living with parents who have mental illness and the implications for safeguarding practice.

  Learning Outcomes:

On completion of this course participants will:

·         Have explored the impact of stigma in mental health

·         Have understood the structure of adult mental health services

·         Considered what children need from their parents

·         Explored the impact on children where parents are not able to meet their needs because of mental illness

·         Considered the impact on children being young carers for a parent with mental illness

·         Have considered learning from local serious case reviews where children have been significantly harmed.

  Minimum Requirements:


  Reading Material:
No Course Material Available